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Why Kuwait is awesome! Part 3

Hello, and welcome to my final post about why Kuwait is awesome. Today’s topic will be how outstanding the schools are here! For this post, I will be describing the school I will be attending, AUSK. The teachers at these schools are friendly, entertaining, and also are extraordinarily good at teaching. However, the teachers aren’t the only thing that is great about the schools. The school lunches are amazingly delicious, and they serve you breakfast, lunch, and two snacks! The school isn’t short of after-school activities, too! They have a pool on the bottom floor, a skate park on the roof, and two soccer fields in the building. That is how monumental this school is. Also, the seventh grade (my grade) consists of only 24 people! Now, there are some cons about this school. Firstly, I have to wake up at 5:30 just to be able to get ready for school and get to the bus on time. I have just enough time to eat breakfast, shower, and brush teeth. Another con is you have to wear a school uniform. I am not too excited for this, because I rather have the option to wear whatever I want to school. Anyway, I still really like this school. Thanks for reading this small final post on why Kuwait is awesome, and I will be posting next week. Stay tuned!

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Why Kuwait is awesome! Part 2

Hello! Back with another post for this 3 part series about why Kuwait is an awesome country. This time, I will be talking about all of the immensely delicious food you can get here. The most popular food to eat in Kuwait is the Lebanese and Turkish food. My personal favorite Turkish cuisine is a platter of Kebabs. This savory dish is seasoned with delicious spices, and served on a stick. If you would like something a bit more spicy, I would recommend another dish called Shish Taouk. This is the type of dish you would order at a restaurant if you didn’t know what to get, because it’s so simple. This dish consists of chicken seasoned in spices, and that’s about it. One weird thing about food in Kuwait is that everything comes with French fries. If you order pizza, you get French fries as a side. If you order Kebabs, you get French fries. Typically,  almost anything that you order online comes with French fries, except for desserts. So, this is another reason why Kuwait is an awesome country! Stay tuned for part 3!

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Why Kuwait is awesome! Part 1

Hello everybody! Just wanted to share my experiences in Kuwait! It turns out this small country located in the Middle East of Asia is an extraordinarily awesome place. One of my favorite things to do here is to go to the pool. When it is around 115 degrees everyday, it can be hard to keep out of the smoldering heat. So, if you want to do an outside activity, I would recommend going to the pool, or just stay at home. If you want to go somewhere interesting, I would recommend the malls. The one that I occasionally go to is over a mile long! Imagine how had it is just keeping the whole place air conditioned, you would have to put up tons of vents! Another place to visit is the Kuwait Aquarium. It’s not that big, but if you have nothing to do on the weekend, it’s a good choice. Another entertaining thing to do were go see these amazing sand castles. I sadly could not go, but I heard that some of them are over 30 feet tall. Everywhere you look, there are things to do, whether it ranges from being active, or just looking at things, Kuwait never seems to run out of entertainment! Stay tuned for more posts about Kuwait!



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Just wanted to let everyone know that I have now relocated to a small country called Kuwait! Decided to write this to let everyone know that I arrived safely. Keep on blogging!






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My Summer Book To-Do List

Since summer is just around the corner, I wanted to make a list of books to read over the summer. Most of these books I wanted to read during the school year, but never got the chance. Others are ones that I were saving for a summer afternoon. Anyway, here are some books that I would like to read over the summer.

1. Eye of Minds – James Dashner

2. The Honest Truth – Dan Gemeinhart

3. The Kill Order – James Dashner

4. Island of Legends – Lisa McMann

5. Island of Shipwrecks – Lisa McMann

This has been a summer book to-do list!

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Classroom Prompts!

Hello! For this post, I will be using a prompt written by Julia in Mrs. Donofrio’s class. After you read this entertaining post, visit the prompt writers blog by clicking here. Anyway, let’s get started with this story.

       I thought the noises upstairs were coming from a person, but when I got up there, I found that it was far from human. I saw a faint glow coming from my sister’s room, and I decided to go investigate. As soon as I stepped through the cramped doorway, I noticed the closet was emitting a bright yellow glow. I sidled against the wall, so if there was anything waiting to attack me, it wouldn’t notice. When I got to the closet door, I touched the doorknob. The chilling temperature of the doorknob made me yank my hand back, and tumble to the floor. I waited if anything would jump out and maul me to shreds, but nothing emerged. After slowly approaching the door again, I slowly inched the door open. What was inside was about to change my life forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It was a small, swirling disc. It seemed to be floating in mid air, like it was defying gravity. I took a small, plastic bouncy ball and threw it at the disc. As soon as it made contact with the mysterious object, it disappeared. I tried again with another ball, and it did the same thing. With my curious nature, I approached it cautiously, and stuck my hand through it. The sensation was strange, like putting your hand through jello. Slowly and carefully, I plunged more of my body into the foreign object. Deep in my mind, I knew that this probably would end up terrible. Thanks to my curious nature, I totally ignored that part of my brain. I was about to find our what was behind that mythical object. 

       As soon as my whole head came through the object, I finally saw where that portal had taken me. I was on an island, but no ordinary one. No water was surrounding it, only air. I was on a floating island, in the middle of nowhere. This might have seemed frightening to most people, but I found my self feeling more awe then fear. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted another island. That’s my goal, get to the island.

Te Be Continued!

Thanks for reading!





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For this post, I will be writing on my opinions on blogs, in a blog! Starting with the positives, I really like that you can express yourselves  in your blog. Whenever it’s in your posts, or in widgets, there are lots of ways to express yourselves in blogs. Another positive about blogs is that there are no limitations on your writing. You can write how much you want, whatever you want, and whatever topic you want! One last positive attribute about blogs is that it’s a nice hobby. Instead of playing video games, you can use your computer for something that’s a lot more productive. This concludes the positive things about blogs.

Now, there can be downsides about blogs. One thing is that is takes a while to get visitors. Even if you comment on peoples blogs, leave your URL, and everything else, there is no promise that everyone you comment to is going to come to your blog. Another downside is sometimes it can be hard to think of stuff to write about. When that happens, it may lead to a decrease in posts. One last downside is that the structure of your blog is fragile. One small move can metaphorically make your blog crumble. Thank you for reading my post on blogs!

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International Limerick Day

There once was a plump little pig

He grew up to be very big

But one cloudy day

He went out to play

He got stuck in a well that’s big

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Great Comment Starters

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Hello! I am back to talk about great ways to start comments! Comments are an important part about blogging, because it gives people constructive criticism, so they can improve. Also, you can put your blog URL in the comment so people can trace your comment back to your blog. Now, here are some of the comment starters that I use.

This reminds me of…

I’ve done something like that…

When I read this…

I thought of this…

I like this because…

There are some comment starters that are great to use to get peoples attention. I hope these work for you! Now, comment on some blogs!


It’s time for testing, Yay…

Hello! As we all know, summer is coming up soon! That means going to the pool, hanging out with friends, and most importantly… NO SCHOOL FOR THREE MONTHS! Sadly, we have to do something first, the SOL’s (Dramatic music plays) So, I am going to share my opinions on standardized tests. First of all, I have mixed opinions. I think it’s good, because they tell a teacher if the student is ready for the next grade up. It also has some bad factors, such as it takes forever to complete. Also, it’s not the best test in the universe. Well, this shows that I have mixed feelings about standardized tests, but I rather not take them.

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