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Classroom Prompts!

on May 29, 2015

Hello! For this post, I will be using a prompt written by Julia in Mrs. Donofrio’s class. After you read this entertaining post, visit the prompt writers blog by clicking here. Anyway, let’s get started with this story.

       I thought the noises upstairs were coming from a person, but when I got up there, I found that it was far from human. I saw a faint glow coming from my sister’s room, and I decided to go investigate. As soon as I stepped through the cramped doorway, I noticed the closet was emitting a bright yellow glow. I sidled against the wall, so if there was anything waiting to attack me, it wouldn’t notice. When I got to the closet door, I touched the doorknob. The chilling temperature of the doorknob made me yank my hand back, and tumble to the floor. I waited if anything would jump out and maul me to shreds, but nothing emerged. After slowly approaching the door again, I slowly inched the door open. What was inside was about to change my life forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It was a small, swirling disc. It seemed to be floating in mid air, like it was defying gravity. I took a small, plastic bouncy ball and threw it at the disc. As soon as it made contact with the mysterious object, it disappeared. I tried again with another ball, and it did the same thing. With my curious nature, I approached it cautiously, and stuck my hand through it. The sensation was strange, like putting your hand through jello. Slowly and carefully, I plunged more of my body into the foreign object. Deep in my mind, I knew that this probably would end up terrible. Thanks to my curious nature, I totally ignored that part of my brain. I was about to find our what was behind that mythical object. 

       As soon as my whole head came through the object, I finally saw where that portal had taken me. I was on an island, but no ordinary one. No water was surrounding it, only air. I was on a floating island, in the middle of nowhere. This might have seemed frightening to most people, but I found my self feeling more awe then fear. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted another island. That’s my goal, get to the island.

Te Be Continued!

Thanks for reading!



6 Responses to “Classroom Prompts!”

  1. mrsrombachreads says:

    Hi Xander-

    Thanks for giving a shout-out to Julia. I think she’ll have fun reading the story you created from her prompt. 🙂 Maybe you could challenge her to write part two.

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. juliahk says:

    Hi Xander!
    Thank you for finishing my prompt. I thought your ending was very interesting. I had a lot of fun reading it!

    ~ Julia

  3. xanderp25 says:

    Nice post. It has a very interesting storyline.


  4. xanderp25 says:

    I really liked how you used a lot of imagery. I think that was very creative. How did you come up with that? You should come and check out my blog.

  5. xanderp25 says:


    I really like the imagery in the first paragraph.

  6. xanderp25 says:

    That’s a great story imagine if that actually happen! That would be quite spooky.

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