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The Dog Apocalypse

We would’ve never expected this to happen. None of us saw could have foreseen this terrible event, the dog apocalypse. I was running for my life through the bushy pine trees, and the tall grass. I could hear the dog behind me, snarling, barking, just waiting to catch up and pounce. I spotted a small cottage to my left, and I came up with a plan. A plan that was dangerous, but effective.

I sidestepped to my left, and the dog yelped in surprise. While the dog was searching for my scent, I was lying as flat as I could in the cottage. Then I heard footsteps, big, loud footsteps. This was no abandoned cottage, it was inhabited by humans! A small, not so pleasant smelling human stood before me. She screeched “KITTY!” and I dashed out an open window. Now I have two things chasing me, great.

I was back running through the woods, occasionally tripping on stray vines. The human gave up long ago, but the dog had caught up to me, and I could smell it’s fowl, tepid breath. The dog was five feet behind me, now four feet, and before I knew it is jumped through the air, and landed right in front of me. This was it, the dog would lick me, then I would become one too. The dog inched closer, and closer, and closer, until out of no where, it sprang right towards my head. Then, like magic, I was back home. In a soft, plush surface. I began to wonder, where was I? It turns out, I was home, and the dog was just a terrible, terrible dream.


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